Extend your reach with OCTOPUZ

The features in OCTOPUZ give you all the tools you need for your path-sensitive robotic application, providing optimized external axis management and indicating reach limitations while avoiding singularity.
  • Multiple robots? No problem!
  • Complex kinematics systems
  • Most robot brands supported   
  • Simple simulation building
  • CAM interface
  • Software to robot integration

Welding with OCTOPUZ Features:

  • Autonomous, intelligent, intuitive weld creation
  • Path creation and modification are possible with just a few clicks
  • Import and use a CAD model for weld creation
  • Implement a variety of welding strategies such as multi-layer, stitch, weave, seam tracking, touch sensing, and more
  • Can utilize multiple touches per path or global touch correction (6-dimensional)
  • Parametric and reusable weld creation
  • Fully simulated touch-sensing, multi-layer, stitching, and weave
  • Automatically finds the start and end of welds
  • Automatic torch flare into corners
  • Can simultaneously calculate up to three external linear axes
  • External rotary axes can be automatically calculated based on user-selected wire orientation